"Do you love "Say Yes to the Dress", weddings, gorgeous gowns, all of the above? Then this is the book for you! Randy Fenoli, the fashion director at the massive Kleinfeld bridal salon in Manhattan, and a charmer himself, presents the basics of shopping for a bridal gown, illustrated with beautiful photos of himself (), real brides, and the dresses they found through working with him. Delightful."

by M. BAILEY May 1, 2012

"This book is amazing ! I picked it up , and read it cover to cover in one evening! Luckily it was only a couple of days before I went wedding gown shopping ! I was so focused and confident on what I wanted and what would best suit my venue , and what would be the most flattering on me ,that the people at the bridal salon pulled seven gowns within minutes for me . The third one was the charm. They all looked great and felt wonderful . I tried them all on , and went back to #3 and have never looked back. I love my gown and cannot wait to wear it ! . My gown is ordered , and the wedding is Dec. 29. Randy thank you so much for making it a dreamy experience ,instead of a frustrating one i am recommending the book to all of my friends ! You are the very best ! See you on "Say Yes To The Dress"

By KAREN May 9, 2012

"I admit it - I'm hopelessly hooked on Say Yes to the Dress. I imagine I have seen a few episodes 4 times or more, but I never get tired of the fantasy, hype, occasional bitchery, and downright tearjerking emotion that goes into the selection of a bridal gown. (I doubt we will ever see a TV show or a book called It's Just a Dress.) I will not be buying any more bridal gowns. My wedding is in the distant past, and I have sons. However, there will be daughters-in-law someday hopefully, and this is just the sort of gift I will want to give them. OK, it's a bit over the top but it's full of beautiful pictures and juicy details. One thing I love about the show is that the consultants welcome a challenge bride - be it physical, emotional, a family member or simply a time crunch, they are there just that little bit more for the bride who needs something extra. That attitude comes through in the pages of this book. There are many, many kinds of women in this world. Some of them glide through life. Most of them have some obstacles to overcome. Every bride has this one day that should absolutely make her feel special, and Randy is 100% up to the task of getting her into the right dress. His chatty tone and practical tips will give every bride an extra boost. Is it really all about the dress? Should it be? All I know is, if the dress is wrong, the day can't be perfect. This book is a bit of escape and a bit of a how-to book. I call that a great combination."

by RUSHMORE November 7, 2012

"Randy Fenoli has created a book that brides who are determined to find the perfect dress would love. He has some very wise advice, even for mothers of the brides; but basically it is how to choose the perfect dress for your budget.

He does a very good job in explaining why some dresses are so different in price and has time lines for both the bride and groom of what needs to be done by when. He gives insider secrets and is successful in his attempts to give brides more self-confidence. There are pictures and short stories of brides in their twenties up to a 62 year old bride. They range from petite to full figured.
He explains his background and how he came to design and work with clothes; then he turns to the bride's story and how she needs to figure out what it is. The gowns themselves are explained from the different silhouettes to each element of the design and fabric.

He is thorough in so many ways; such as examining what will look good on each body type and also long or short necks, thin, full or short arms. There is even a list of words to describe a bride's tastes, which she can show her consultant to be able to find what she wants Accessories are explored and alterations too, and the emergency kit for the big day that will include supplies you might not think of such as double sided tape. There is a glossary and an index.

This would make a perfect gift for someone who wants to have that perfect wedding."

WOGAN November 18, 2011

"I have to admit, I've read through bridal magazines for the past 35 years so I remember Randy Fenoli's gorgeous gowns from when he was a designer for the Diamond Collection. At a time when many gowns had the same predictable details, his designs stood out as unique, stunning and very elegant, with just the right amount of adornment. It's lovely to see a book devoted to the bride and the selection of that perfect dress. The book focuses on the fact that every bride is beautiful in her own way, and the right dress can showcase her best attributes and increase her confidence.

While it's disappointing that so many bridal salons only carry gowns in a limited range of sizes, Randy isn't afraid to tackle the variety of challenges that many women face when entering the bridal salon. The photos are gorgeous, the gowns and brides are varied and we are encouraged to find our inner beauty no matter what our size or age when getting married. The book is well thought out and there's a lot of valuable information relating to fabrics, laces, design features and even a section on quality and detail levels for different price points.

I would recommend this to any of my friends who are shopping for a bridal gown."

by BOOKWORM November 5, 2011